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about_the_rabbiThe title “Rabbi” is perhaps the most honorable of all within the Jewish religion  – Marking its bearer as a learned teacher, a devout, wise and powerful leader. Fortunately, you can now get a professional rabbi in South Florida for your special wedding day. South Florida’s Rabbi Silverman understands that the decision to marry implies devotion into a sacred covenant with the one you love. When the time is right for your wedding in South Florida, Rabbi Silverman is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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servicesRabbi Robert Silverman provides  a number of services to South Florida couples who are prepared to make the deepest commitment to one another. Regardless of faith or sexual orientation, Rabbi Silverman can help each couple through a thoughtful ceremony that honors both parts of the whole that is the marriage or union. He meets with each couple and their families if they wish in order to craft the beautiful occasion that is a symbol of the love two people have for one another.

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Interfaith Weddings

jewish-and-interfaith-weddings cream boarderThe essential elements of an interfaith-Jewish ceremony are inclusion and balance. Jewish or interfaith weddings are truly a reason to celebrate when two different people get together to form the most precious of unions. Family and friends of each member of the couple should be included in the Jewish or interfaith wedding ceremony with respect and honor regardless of anyone’s religious affiliation.

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