Although the idea of a gorgeous summer day spent relaxing on the beach may make a pretty daydream for your future wedding, there are a few downfalls to getting married in Florida’s summer weather.

Unrelenting humidity, packed vacation spots, and the pervasive aroma of a campfire may be great for a honeymoon getaway, but for the actual event itself, it promises only an uncomfortable experience. For one thing, the beach in Florida is a reflective bed of sun-baked sand, which promises to be very hot for anyone not attending in their bathing best. For another, while there are fixes for how humidity messes with the little things like hair and place settings, Florida’s consistent humidity will cause it to rain almost daily in the afternoons.

The Perfect Winter Getaway

However, do not despair. Winter is a great time to consider a South Florida wedding! Unlike our northern cousins, the daytime temperature rarely drops below 65 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter. This makes sunny Florida the perfect, most comfortable spot for a gorgeous outdoor event. With holiday prices and madness dipping after the new year, January or February can be the perfect time to set your South Florida wedding.

Boca Raton Wedding Officiants

No matter your beliefs or gender, Rabbi Rober Silverman is here to help with all of your Boca Raton wedding officiant needs. With many years of wedding officiating under his belt, Rabbi Silverman has a strong grasp on the needs of the South Florida wedding scene and can assist in ensuring a smooth traditional or nontraditional event pleasing for the whole family.